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Our Company Owner and 2 of his friends randomly meet at a blockchain meeting in 2015, and they share their information with each other. They set up the first privat companies and continue to trade cryptocurrencies in an office. After increasing their trade volumes, they make a decision to expand their team and become a team of 28 people. In just 4 months, they are starting to move on with a team of 28 people. Our Company Owner Mr.BAILEY Tyler at the Company is holding a meeting and giving a team meeting about how they are now an international company. The company held a meeting. And we are now facing you 14th April 2021 CryptoRing LTD was established with 100000 $ Funding. The Purpose of our Company is to do international trade and to increase company earnings thanks to investors all over the world and to provide passive and active profits to its investors. PASSIVE GAINS: Passive gains gain 0.5% per day and lasts for 365 days. It is equivalent to 15% per 30 day cycle. ACTIVE GAINS: Active gains are reference commission, providing a total gain of 29% from 10 depths.1-Downline: 10% / 2-Downline: 7% / 3-Downline: 5% / From 4 cu depth to 10 cu depth, they all downline provide 1% gain.

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Our Strategy

First of all, our first goal. Our company is to become an international company in a short time. It is to do Cryptocurrency trading globally with high volumes, and to establish a platform for our investors to make money from our earnings all over the world without leaving their homes. We have not forgotten the investors and team leaders who want to support us. Invite your teams and friends to our company to earn a total of 29% from 10 depths. We offer you powerful reference gains. In our company, team leaders who rapidly grow a team will receive a limited number of money awards.

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5 Plumstead Road, London, United Kingdom, SE18 7BZ